Apostle Amos & Yolanda Howard

Apostle Amos & Yolanda Howard

Apostle Amos Yolanda Howard

The Man

Apostle Amos L. Howard, Sr. is a native of Gary Indiana. He and his wife, Yolanda, are the proud parents of six children. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology/Theology from American Baptist College, Nashville, Tennessee and received a Master of Science Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee.

While overcoming more than $2 million in personal debt, Apostle Howard’s passion and vision moved him to birth Breakthrough Ministries that teach basic principles regarding financial management. Through teaching the principles of Breakthrough, the shackles of financial bondage are being broken and people are becoming spiritually and financially debt-free. It is very close to his heart because he believes that you can never be spiritually free as long as you are in financial bondage. In addition, he and his church ministry have given tens of thousands of dollars to help others become debt-free.

When people ask him what is the key to being successful in business, he often encourages them by saying, “building meaningful relationships is critical to success; but be sure to get with people that have your answer and not your problem”.

His Mission

He builds lives through faith that reflects the image of what the Word says we are rather than what the world says we are. He build lives in which continual breakthrough is an everyday occurrence rather than an event.

As he builds lives through faith, he believes he is called to develop and disciple Believers to live faith as a way of life through teaching the practical principles of God’s Word so that the Word of God is the authority for making excellent choices for everyday living.

He is certain that his God-given assignment is to break the spirit of poverty among God’s people by teaching them to have a deeper appreciation of God’s presence, God’s power, and God’s promise.

His Message

His message of partnership, ownership, stewardship and discipleship is the core of who he is. His relevant Kingdom message of faith, love, and liberation helps people to live life to the fullest and make excellent choices for everyday living.

His Ministry

Apostle Howard is the Senior Pastor of Living Truth Christian Center in Smyrna, Tennessee and Gadsden, Alabama. Apostle Howard has pastored at Living Truth for over 24 years and has been in Pastoral Ministry for 30+ years. Since leading the people of Living Truth, the ministry moved from Monroe Street to their current facility and completed more than a one million dollar renovation debt-free. Since then, under his leadership, the ministry has grown from $200,000 to millions in assets.

His passionate concern for the community led to the opening of Blessed Beginnings Comprehensive Learning Center, the first African American Church daycare in Rutherford County.

ALERT Community Development Corporation was established as a 501©3 to change lives through education, redevelopment, and training. The housing arm, Lazarus House, is a program to purchase transitional homes to assist low-to-moderate income families in acquiring home ownership and providing transitional homes for families to live in. Living Truth has invested over $1 million in assisting families in transitioning or purchasing their first home.

In January 2006, Living Truth became one church in two locations and acquired a $3 million 35K square foot campus purchased debt free to expand the vision across boundaries into Gadsden, Alabama.

He has an anointing for entrepreneurship and is a successful businessman. While managing several business ventures, he developed a passion for real estate. His passion and love for real estate has allowed him to build a multi-million dollar portfolio in residential and commercial real estate. He mentors others by sharing his wisdom and experience on how to develop businesses using creative ideas and concepts.

His Mantle

His Apostolic anointing has helped people experience the Kingdom power of the supernatural, signs, wonders and miracles. He has liberated many from the shackles of bondage while helping them maximize their sphere of influence for Kingdom dominion.

His Mandate

Many are called, but few are chosen. God has given him a regional reach that will impact the Southeast Region and abroad for an eternity.