Core Values

Core Values

We are living proof, because we are Living Truth. The Word of God is our authority in making excellent choices for everyday living.

Evangelism – We believe that we are called to witness and win people for the Kingdom of God so that they become wealthy and whole.

Family – We believe that the family is the core of God’s design for our lives and that relationships should be nurtured to reflect the Word of God.

Discipleship – We believe that we are called to equip, empower and develop believers to reproduce a life that reflects the Word of God.

Faith – We believe that we are called to develop and change believers to live faith as a way of life.

Prayer – We believe that the foundation of our relationship with God is built through an effectual fervent prayer life.

Excellence – We believe that attention to detail gives rise to superior performance which leads to promotion in life.

Debt-Free Living – We believe that people can never be spiritually free as long as they are in financial bondage and financial freedom is a way of life for the believer.

Planning – We believe that success is intentional and planning is essential to achieving the God-given vision for our life.

Healing – We believe that people should be whole … mind, body and soul, nothing broken, nothing missing.

Giving – We believe that everything is a seed that will meet any need and giving generously is a way of life for the believer.